How the Exterra Colony Elimination Termite Baiting System Protects Your Home

When it comes to termite control, you’ve got two options – chemical soil treatments and termite baiting systems. Whilst the former have long been favoured for termite control, they can pose a risk for children and pets and studies have shown they are not as effective as modern termite bait systems. In this blog post Exterra will be highlighting how our termite baiting system can help stop termites in their tracks, keeping your house safe and sound all year round.

Exterra Termite Bait Traps – Keeping Your Property Safe

The traditional method of chemical soil treatments is invasive and potentially harmful to the environment. Our termite baiting system is a much less invasive method, with traps placed at strategic points of your property to attract and eradicate termites before they have a chance to enter your home. When termites enter the EXTERRA In-ground Station and start eating the REQUIEM bait, it is only a short wait until the entire colony is eradicated. REQUIEM bait is non-toxic to humans and pets, and the in-ground stations are discretely located to seamlessly blend in with the surroundings.

Can Termites get Past the Bait Stations?

EXTERRA In-ground Stations are uniquely effective at preventing termites from entering your home. This is due to their strategic placement and short distance between each Station combined with our Focus Termite Attractant. This unique, patented product, draws termites into the Exterra Stations. With other systems, there is nothing to prevent termites from passing between the Stations, no matter how close together they are spaced. With Exterra termite baiting stations protecting your home, you can rest easy knowing that the risk of termites making their way past a baiting station is very low.

The Benefits of Termite Baiting Systems

You may think that a termite baiting system would be large and obvious, but they are actually almost undetectable as they can be placed in areas which disguise them, such as garden beds. You will enjoy the following benefits in having a termite system installed:

  • Flexibility – Suitable for properties of all types and styles. An expert pest controller will ensure optimal placement for maximum effect without compromising your properties aesthetics.
  • Safe Around Children and Pets – The bait is non-toxic to humans and pets.
  • Eco-Friendly – EXTERRA in ground baiting systems are the environmentally friendly choice, as no chemicals are pumped into the soil and the system does not target anything other than termites.

Get Exterra Today – The World’s Number One Termite Protection System

Keep your home safe from termites all year round, contact Exterra today to enquire about our termite baiting system and arrange a professional installation. We can be reached on 02 9364 1800, and we look forward to assisting you.

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