Frequently Asked Questions About Subterranean Termite Control

Does My House Need to Be Treated?

If you have observed brown-blackish insects slightly longer than a centimetre in your yard, you are probably scared and frustrated. However, just because there are termites in your yard doesn’t mean there’s a problem. Termites often reside in wood piles in residential backyards. It’s only when you notice the insects inside your house that you should contact a professional.

It’s worth checking the foundations of the house for termite shelter tubes. These are hollow soil tunnels extending from the dirt to your house. If you find these, you need to prevent termites infesting your house treated before termite damage ensues.

How Dangerous Are Termite Control Chemicals?

All chemicals used in pest management are considered dangerous and should never be ingested. However, termite control products can be applied safely with ease. Your chance of coming into contact with harmful chemicals when preventing termites is less than when spraying cockroaches or fleas.

Which is Better – Baits or Insecticide Treatments?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. Both techniques have pros and cons. Ground baiting provides a means to eliminate entire termite colonies, insecticides provide a chemical termite barrier.

Termite baiting systems (monitoring stations) are generally safer, although more expensive. Termite insecticides (soil treatments) last for longer. We generally see a higher level of satisfaction from customers who invest in a termite baiting system. This is despite the fact it can take some time for the termites to feed and poison to take full effect.

Can I Treat my House Myself?

If you have a confirmed termite problem, it’s best to hire a professional. University research has demonstrated no success when attempting to treat termite infestations with DIY equipment. Cardboard termite baits tend to decay within three to four months. This makes them just as expensive as a professional job to maintain.

How Important is the Warranty on Termite Control Systems?

The warranty on your termite contract is essential. The warranty document will outline the conditions and lifespan under which the company is responsible for ongoing termite activity.

Most companies will offer a one-year warranty. In addition, you should be able to purchase a longer warranty for no more than 20% of the original treatment cost. Extended warranties are generally a good idea.

For all in-ground termite treatments, contact Exterra today. We are the experts in professional termite control within residential and commercial homes. We charge affordable rates for all of our bait stations and can offer extended warranties when desired. Call us today for a free termite inspection at your property and a quote on in-ground termite baiting systems.


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