The Seasonality of Termites

If your house has wooden components in its construction then termites are certainly something to avoid. Termites can infest your house and chew through the wooden components, posing serious risk of structural damage to your home if left untreated. The longer a termite problem sustains itself, the more expensive it will be to fix. So, rather than wait for visible signs of damage, it’s best practice to inspect your home for termites at the commencement of every termite season.

Activity in underground termite colonies begins to calm down during winter in temperate parts of Australia. Although termites can damage a house at any time if they have already infested, underground termites begin to swarm and look for food most actively in the Spring and Summer seasons, usually on warm evenings following rainfall or when the humidity is high. Different termites swarm at different times of year.

Installing an Exterra system works wonders to prevent the swarming and infestation of termites in your home. The mechanics of the solution involve in-ground stations installed at strategic locations around your property. The stations are filled with a food source. Once termites enter the stations, termite bait is placed in them as a means of eliminating the colony. Worker termites will carry the bait back to the colony where it will be consumed by the rest of the termites who will die shortly thereafter. Stations are then replenished to prepare for any future termite colonies erupting and your house will remain safe and secure all-season-round.

If you’ve got termite in your house, or just moved in to a new house or have been recently notified by your neighbours that termites reside nearby, it’s best practice to call us today to discuss installation of an Exterra REQUIEM baiting system. We will call-out to your property, perform a diagnosis of the situation and the high-risk areas of your house and present a proposal to you before mapping and installing the Exterra REQUIEM termite bait system.

Keep your house safe by calling Exterra. We provide professional and courteous service and affordable rates, and have years of experience supplying termite solutions to homes all across the greater Sydney area.

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