Beat Termites the Eco-Friendly Way with EXTERRA

You’ve made a significant investment in your home, the last thing you want is for a termite infestation to start eating away at the foundations. EXTERRA is an environmentally friendly termite colony elimination system which will keep your property termite-free, without harming native wildlife, children or pets. Forget the traditional termite control techniques, because EXTERRA is the world’s most effective termite protection system.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight the reasons why EXTERRA is the superior choice for whole-home termite protection and monitoring.

The Dangers of Termites

It can be easy to miss the early signs of termite infestation as termites spend the majority of their time underground within their colony. Sighting winged termites around or inside your property may be the first sign of an issue, but termites can also enter your home subterraneously, via mud tunnels and through small cracks and holes throughout your property. No matter how they gain entry, it is crucial that all members of the colony be destroyed – otherwise you’ll just be experiencing ongoing issues long term. No other system makes it so simple and straightforward as EXTERRA, which is purpose designed for total elimination of termites.


Installing EXTERRA around your home is a simple and straightforward process. Upon completion, you’ll enjoy total termite protection all year round. Here’s a summary of how it all works:

  1. EXTERRA involves the use of in-ground stations, which are installed at high risk areas of your property. Theses stations contain eucalypt timber interceptors, a highly attractive food source for termites.
  2. Once sufficient termite activity is observed inside each station, REQUIEM Termite Bait is then added.
  3. The termites are not disturbed during the addition of REQUIEM Termite Bait, nor during visual inspections to confirm termite activity. REQUIEM soon takes the place of timber as the termites preferred food source, and it is a non-toxic substance which will not affect you or your pets.
  4. Termites consume REQUIEM, return to their colonies and it quickly starts to spread.
  5. Termites start to die off, and soon after the colony ceases to exist.
  6. Following elimination of the colony, all traces of REQUIEM are removed from your stations.
  7. Your in-ground and above-ground stations are filled with a new batch of timber interceptors, ready to identify any future threats.

With EXTERRA, you can easily monitor termite activity and eradicate termite attacks with a minimum of fuss. Professional pest service companies with EXTERRA accreditation can also assist with monitoring and maintenance on a scheduled basis for additional peace of mind.

Benefits of EXTERRA

EXTERRA is useful for homeowners and businesses currently experiencing termite issues and seeking an eradication method, as well as those looking for a way to monitor and protect against future infestations. Here are some of the benefits of installing EXTERRA:

  • Environmentally Friendly – REQUIEM bait is less toxic than table salt
  • Safe around children, pets and wildlife
  • Suitable for all properties
  • Fast acting
  • Above-Ground, In-Ground and In-Concrete Stations Available for whole house protection
  • Tamper proof construction
  • Total termite elimination
  • Upon successful eradication, stations are refilled with timber interceptors to ensure early detection of future termite activity
  • All-round termite protection
  • Proven results
  • Easy Monitoring, Maintenance and Management

Skip the Chemicals, Get EXTERRA

Chemical treatments are no longer the best line of defence against termites. Not only are pesticides less effective, they also have a negative impact upon the environment and are potentially hazardous to the health of humans and animals.

The EXTERRA termite baiting system makes it easy to protect your home against the threat of termites, and it does so in an environmentally friendly way. There’s simply no better choice for eradicating and tracking termite activity around your property, and we would love to be your termite interception and baiting system of choice.

To find out more about EXTERRA or to find an EXTERRA accredited pest services provider in your area, please contact us today.

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