3 Reasons To Avoid DIY Termite Removal

In Australia, approximately 150,000 additional homes suffer from termite attacks each year. With average treatment and repair costs totalling over $7,000 per property, termites are a serious problem that should be treated with due respect. It may be tempting to attempt to try and protect your home while cutting costs on termite removal with a do-it-yourself job. DIY termite control runs the risk of not eliminating the problem properly and causing additional damage to your home.

It’s not easy to successfully identify all instances of termite activity in and around the home. Whereas a cursory inspection may reveal some areas of infestation, a professional pest control inspection will unveil much more, beneath and around your home. A thorough nspection is crucial to termite removal and prevention, and termite control professionals will need to inspect a property annually to ensure termite infestations don’t reoccur. This is advised in the Australian Standard for Termite Management (AS 3660).

One common DIY option that people use to control termite infestations is the application of chemical termite repellents stocked in hardware stores. Despite the fact that these products can indeed kill the wood-eating insects, the nature of the products means that termites, in most cases, simply avoid them. What occurs over time is termites will move their colonies to other areas of your property. The infestation won’t be handled effectively and damage to your property will continue until you contact the professionals.

When professionals use these chemicals, they have access to tools that enable the proper application of the chemicals under and around your house. This may include drilling through concrete slabs and foundations and applying hundreds of litres of the chemical to be effective. The typical layman simply does not have access to the equipment needed to control termites.

This last point is just one reason why Exterra should be considered your primary supplier in termite control products. The Exterra baiting system is a long-term solution that surrounds the house with a stations that contain no toxins. They just contain timbers of a species preferred by termites. Only when termites are found in a station, is the bait, which is quite safe for people and the environment, added to the station. The termites will carry this bait back to their colony and proceed to feed it through the entire colony leading to its elimination.

If you think you have a termite infestation in your home, don’t attempt to solve the problem yourself with a DIY termite treatment. You will undoubtedly waste time and money on a temporary measure that will not remove the colony successfully. This can result in further expense and ongoing damage to the house that could have otherwise been avoided.

Hire the professional pest control services of Exterra today. Call us to discuss your termite problem with one of our certified, licensed and insured professionals. We’ll call out and inspect your site at no cost and will inform you about treatment before placing termite baits around the perimeter and at the entry points of your property. Exterra has been eliminating termite colonies for more than twenty years.

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