How Do Termite Bait Stations Work And Are They Safe?

A lot of customers ask questions about how termite bait stations work and if they are safe? In this post we cover the basics of an underground termite baiting system for the benefit of our customers.

In our last post we covered why a DIY termite job won’t be as effective as hiring a professional. Hire a professional termite specialist who uses Exterra for all termite inspections. They are properly equipped and trained to successfully remove termite infestations using Exterra Above-ground and In-ground Stations.

Termite baiting systems can often stop termite activity by way of prevention. However, they are just as an effective solution if you already have termites. Early detection of termites allows for the colony to be destroyed before they cause significant damage to your home. Do this by installing Exterra In ground Stations around your home.

Termite bait stations work by first attracting and then killing termites. However, unlike traditional termite spray treatments, bait stations are far less invasive and exploit the natural behaviour of termites. Perhaps most importantly, they are can actually eliminate the entire termite nest, not just the termites present in your timber. Exterra Termite monitoring Stations are an incredibly effective pest management solution that can quite easily eliminate large termite colonies.

Exterra In-ground termite bait Stations are placed in the ground surrounding your home. Uniquely generating a natural termite attractant gas, they effectively form a complete Termite Interception Zone around your property. Only Exterra offers this protection.

When termites are intercepted, the low toxic Exterra Termite Bait is added to the Station for the termites to feed on. The termites will find the in ground baits, carry the bait back to their nest and distribute it amongst the population. This will eliminate the entire colony. Colony destruction is just a little while away when you using the insect growth regulator contained in Exterra bait.

Exterra Termite bait Stations are approximately 30 cm long and appear as a vented cylinder. The termite management Stations are buried in the soil, with the lid sitting flush with the surface.

They don’t cause any obstructions on your property and aren’t visually remarkable. This means you can experience peace of mind knowing that the termite system is doing its job. It won’t need any intervention or attention on behalf of yourself. Termite colonies travel underground, which is the primary reason why the baiting systems are installed in the soil.

Initially the termite control system is filled with a preferred source of wood that is especially attractive to the termites. When active termites are lured into the Station, the low toxic, to humans and pets, but deadly to termites, bait is added to the secure Exterra In-ground Station.

Termites cannot resist the Exterra bait, which is added without disturbing the termites. This has been shown to have better effects when controlling termite populations.

Contact Exterra today if you’re interested in purchasing a termite colony elimination system to protect your home. Live termites attacking and termites eating the wood in your home can result in expensive damage. We supply products for the long term protection of your home.

We are available to answer your phone call Monday to Friday, 8:30-5:00pm. We will happily answer any questions you have about how the Exterra and our bait stations work and their level of safety. If termites have been identified on your property, don’t delay, call the experts in pest control today.

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