Things You Need to Know about Termite Baiting Systems

Termites are considered to be one of the most destructive pests around the world, especially in Australia. Termite infestations result in severe destruction of our businesses, homes, and other properties. Approximately 350 species of termites are found in Australia. Out of which, around 40 are invasive and destructive in nature. One out of every five buildings in Australia are thought to have been infested and damaged by termites at some point of time. Within a year of attacking a building, termites can cause irreparable damage to the structure. Naturally, this calls for serious measures to protect our commercial establishments and homes from termite attacks. Out of many different methods used for termite control and elimination, termite baiting systems are considered to the most effective one.

What are Termite Baiting Systems?  

Just as the name suggests, termite baiting systems are used to attract and eliminate termites. However, unlike the traditional pest control techniques, these systems are designed innovatively to exploit the natural foraging and feeding behaviour of termites. Most importantly, in addition to eliminating termites within the traps, these systems also get rid of the termite colony. This is why termite baiting is now a highly preferred alternative for termite control. These systems can kill off large termite colonies, and provide an affordable and long term solution for property owners.

How do they Work?

The functional pattern of termite baiting systems comprises of the flowing steps.

  • Step 1: Monitoring is the first step in eliminating termites using termite baiting technique. Termite bait stations are set up around the building that needs to be protected. These typically comprise of plastic bait stations containing some sort of timber material to attract termites. These stations are installed all around the building, leaving approximately three metres of space between each station. Their purpose is to monitor termite activity around the building. The idea here is to ensure that the termites head there instead of the buildings after sniffing out the traps. Depending on termite activity around the station, the traps are monitored at an interval of one to three months.

Uniquely the EXTERRA baiting system includes a gaseous lure that travels through the soils and draws the termites into the stations. With other systems these is nothing to protect against the termites passing between the stations.

  • Step 2: The second step is that of extermination. Once the presence of termites is confirmed in the monitoring stations, colony elimination efforts are initiated. In most instances, a mixture of a slow-acting insect growth regulator and cellulose substrate is added to the bait station. These baits are taken by the worker termites and carried to the colony where the entire termite population feeds on the bait.

Benefits of Termite Baiting Systems:

The best thing about termite baiting systems is that no harsh chemicals are used by them. This environmentally responsible method is advantageous in many different ways.

  • These systems are generally eco-friendly and pose no threat to the wildlife, pets, people, plants and micro-organisms around the property.
  • These systems ensure that the soil remains free of harmful chemicals. Therefore, our kids and pets can safely play around on the lawn.
  • These systems are flexible, and are compatible with various construction types, new buildings, and different environmental conditions.
  • Unlike chemical extermination techniques that are impacted by flooding or soil movement, termite baiting system usually remain unaffected by snow, rain, and other harsh weather conditions.

At Exterra, we offer monitoring stations with termite baits that are completely non-toxic to the environment. If you are looking to protect your commercial property from termites, do get in touch with our experts without any delay.

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