Do Termite Bait Stations Work?

Termite baits are a relatively modern invention that save homeowners plenty of trouble as they handle termites in and around their property. One tends to come across a severe line of questioning working in the termite industry – do bait stations actually work? The evidence is abundant and points towards the fact that some in-ground termite bait stations are incredibly effective at controlling termite populations.

Termite bait stations work by a mechanism of baits that attract termites to plastic containers entrenched in the ground. These containers are placed at strategic locations around the property. The stations. contain a food source attractive to termites. With Exterra, there is no toxic component present at this stage. Exterra also uses a patented gaseous termite attractant to draw termites into the stations and away form your house. With other systems there is nothing to stop the termites passing between the stations to attack your home. Uniquely with Exterra, the attractant will effectively form a barrier to esure the termites are drawn into the stations.

Once termites are intercepted, the low toxic Requiem Termite Bait is added to the Station. This uses an insect growth regulator, so it is specific to termites and safe to people, our pets and native wildlife.

One the Requiem is added, the termites feeding on the bait and are killed slowly. Termites will transport the Requiem to their colony where other termites will eat the termite bait too. The colony including the queen will digest the Requiem and will rapidly die out.

Station placement is important.. Random placement around the house won’t prove as effective as a systemic placement of stations at intervals of 3 – 5 m around the home and in termite prone areas..

At Exterra, we supply the best termite bait stations available in the Australian market. We have been in business over 30 years and have serviced thousands of happy customers all across Australia and around the world.

Baiting is a long term termite control mechanism. The effects won’t be immediate, but they will be long lasting.

The efficacy of the in-ground termite bait station will also depend on the season. During the colder months, the ground is harder and it takes longer for termites to properly penetrate the soil. The larger Exterra stations work much better at intercepting termites than smaller stations.

The cost will usually depend on the dimensions of the house, with larger houses requiring more labour and monitoring stations than smaller properties.

You should always invest in regular maintenance too. Have a professional pest control specialist inspect your home and your in-ground termite bait stations every year to ensure they’re still effective. Wood baits will need to be replaced.

We supply professional pest control solutions that are long lasting. Consider investing in an in-ground termite treatment from Exterra today. We supply termite protection all across Australia and offer affordable rates on all of our products.

We are open for business between Monday and Friday, 24/7. Place a phone call with us today on 13 35 36 to ask any questions or to place an order.

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