Understanding the Importance of Termite Bait System Renewal

Out of all termite extermination methodologies, baiting systems are highly preferred these days because of their efficiency and environment friendly nature. Since they are a system, termite baits operate seamlessly only when they are properly checked and serviced in a timely manner. Unfortunately, some people feel that bating systems continue to work forever without any maintenance. However, it is important to remember that monitoring and replenishment of the bait is essential to ensure long-term effectiveness of bating systems, and this is where termite bait system renewal comes in. 

Why is Renewal Essential? 

A typical termite bait system comprises of a series of bait stations outfitted around the perimeter of the property. The number of stations required is directly proportional to the property’s size and the extent of the termite risk. Each of these stations contains a termite favoured food source. 

The stations must be monitored from time to time because they are nothing but hollow plastic containers once the food source is depleted or decayed. When this happens, termites start looking for other sources of food and your property is may likely be that source. Timely renewal ensures that there are enough food sources within the baiting system, and it is less likely for the termites to venture out in search of food. 

It is also essential to maintain the baiting systems in proper condition because otherwise, termites may not get attracted to them and start looking for something more appealing. 

How does it Work? 

Renewal of a baiting system is slightly different compared to chemical treatment renewal. During the renewal process, a full house inspection is carried out by trained technicians to find out if there is any infestation or conditions conducive to termite activity. Each of the bait stations is also inspected to see if there is any termite activity inside them and to replenish the food source and, in the case of the Exterra system, to replenish the Focus Termite Attractant that uniquely ensures termites do not pass between the Station when you use Exterra. 

Please be mindful of the fact that some termite baiting systems fail simply because of inconsistent inspection and untimely renewals and because, unlike with Exterra which uses Focus Termite Attractant, the termites can pass between the stations and into your property.  It is also important to remember that it is never a good idea to rely on DIY baits because of the intricacies involved in the process. 

Also, there are some additional factors that may have an adverse impact on the coverage of termite treatments and lead to their premature lapse. If a property undergoes any landscaping changes, utility work, or additional construction along the perimeter of the property, the effectiveness of termite treatment can reduce significantly. Therefore, if there have been any of these activities in your property, please inform your service provider so that additional measures can be taken.   

At Exterra, we offer termite baits equipped with closed and locked monitoring stations and the baits we use are non-toxic to handle. Also, we offer the only baiting system is the market capable of creating a complete interception zone for termites around a property. Also, Exterra baiting systems have a service life covering all four seasons. 

If you have any questions related to termite control, please contact your expert exterminators today.   

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