Interesting Facts about Termite Control and Management

If you have a termite infestation problem to deal with, baiting is certainly one of the better options available to you. The baits are placed precisely in areas away from human contact and use moderate amounts of an active ingredient (AI) to eliminate termites. Most importantly, this termite control and management methodology causes little or no damage to the environment and consumers. 

Once baited, termite bait stations contain an active ingredient within a food matrix favoured by termites. For a baiting system to be effective, it is important that the bait is highly palatable to the termites to ensure it is ingested in a sufficient amount by the termites. Adequate control of termites requires that there is proper transfer of the active ingredient between the foraging termites and other members of the termite colony.  

Several different active ingredients are used in termite bait formulations. These active ingredients are all chitin synthesis inhibitors, that prevent the termites from moulting. These are slow acting and depend on transferring the consumed bait material throughout the termite colony. 

The success of a baiting program relies heavily on creating a palatable bait matrix. In the natural environment, there are many potential food sources for termites that can compete with the baits. In order to make the baits more palatable, cellulose materials are formulated with the active ingredient. 

Regular inspections of baiting systems are required. During these inspections, the amount of bait consumed, and the number of termites present are recorded. 

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