Impact of Termite Infestation on Business Establishments

When we talk about termite infestation, we often feel that residential buildings are more susceptible compared to commercial establishments. It is often assumed that commercial buildings have a comparatively lower infestation risk because these high-traffic public areas generally have very little grass or vegetation around.  However, the truth is that your office is just as much at risk as your residential building.

Types of Termites:

Subterranean termites are found under the ground and they build a network of tunnels under the ground. As a business owner, you must be aware of the potential risk caused by any areas within your property that has trees, flowers, shrubs, or other vegetations. These elements can provide direct access to the ground and create a pathway for termites to come to the surface and look for rotting, decaying, damp, as well as dry wood.

Moreover, in order to gain access to woody materials, subterranean termites can burrow under sidewalks, pavements, and even the building foundation. Once they make their way into the building, they can cause extensive damage before the signs of infestation are even noticed.

Living underground is not a necessity for drywood termites and they build colonies within above-ground dry wood structures. In order to establish colonies, they tend to eat wood away completely, including hard knots. To start infesting a business establishment, drywood termites only need access points to dry wood such as cracks, gaps, or any other unsealed exterior section in the building.

Business Impact:

In addition to structural damages amounting to thousands of dollars, termite infestations may have several other impacts on your business. One serious concern is that your customers can be put off, if they notice any signs of termites within your premises. This will also raise serious questions about the level of upkeep and cleanliness of your business.

Tips for a Termite Free Workplace:

If you seriously want your business premises to be termite free, have the entire facility inspected by a qualified termite service technician. This will help you identify all potential risks and their sources. In addition to bi-annual or annual inspections, have the entire property treated thoroughly for termites. A variety of treatment options are available to prevent the development of termite colonies in and near your premises.

Once you have successfully dealt with the infestation, prevent re-infestations by continuing with regular and ongoing termite maintenance.

If you are worried about termite infestation in your business establishment, please contact us today. At Exterra, we offer termite baiting systems that are not only effective, but also environment-friendly and safe for the users.

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